Angie Pereira

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Angie A.M. Pereira holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from St. Xaviers College, Mapusa. With her keen interest in teaching and counseling she has worked as a remedial teacher and a psychologist for Sangath’s Beyond Boundaries Project. Alongside, she has also attended many workshops and short-term certificate courses that have added to her learning; some of these courses are stress management, strategies for teaching children with reading difficulties, and Solution Focused Practice Therapy (SFPT), to name a few.

With Silver Linings, she aims to help students build confidence in themselves by providing the essential support, acknowledge and commend the child’s efforts and encourage each one to be involved by focusing on their abilities, using an interactive method of teaching.

At Silver Linings, Angie will be working primarily with children and adolescents with academic, behavioural and emotional concerns.

Ms. Pereira, will be available for sessions on all days. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

For appointments, please call on: +91 88302 45380