Careers with Silver Linings, Goa

Careers with Silver Linings, Goa:

Urgent Requirement for a Yoga Instructor at the centre. People with 1 plus years of experience will be given preference. 

Volunteers / Interns: Anybody with an interest in counselling and psychotherapy can approach. Opportunities to write website content and assist in social media marketing will be given.


Remedial Educators: Experience 1+ year.

Speech Therapists: Experience 1 + year.

Occupational Therapist:  Experience 1+ year.

Please note, all jobs are on part time / hourly basis payment only. No stipend will be paid to volunteers & interns. We will be unable to assist with accommodation facilities to outstation job seekers.

You need the space & We have it

We invite educators / trainers to collaborate with our centre for conducting workshops and talks on topics related to mental health.

We are looking at starting the following classes at the centre. Interested people can connect with us on

– Arts and Crafts (all kinds)
– Calligraphy/ Handwriting
– Creative Writing
– Group Reading
– Yoga & Meditation

If you specialize in something else, and would like to conduct classes for the same, drop us a mail and we will work out something!

We are Hiring!

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