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Every Child is Unique!

Every child is special in his/her own way, but here I will talk about those children who face problems related to academics, social, emotional and behavioral aspects. They need help to carry out simple tasks that other children can very well perform by themselves.

The society holds a stigma towards the people who are differently abled. They think that these people are abnormal and tend to ill treat them for their own entertainment. This sort of a behavior leads to adverse effects on these children. They tend to believe that people who go to counselors and therapists are mentally unfit.

Some parents are understanding and supportive. They get the fact that their child is simply different and needs help. They are ready to take any necessary steps to help their child progress. Whereas, some parents find it difficult to accept that their child is special and needs help. They assume things and misjudge the child’s behavior for something else. This gets worse if the child has siblings and they are absolutely normal. In such a situation parents tend to compare their children and then, to tag the special child as lazy, dumb etc.

Children with learning difficulties need attention which is not possible to be given in normal schools with lots of children in the class. These children need one-to-one interaction for their betterment. So we have special schools and trained teachers who play an essential role in helping the child with their various problems. They help them understand that everybody has obstacles in their life and teach them how to tackle this obstacles. Special teachers are very patient while dealing with the children and understand them better.

Special children are different from the other children, rather we can say, the other children are different from them. Parents and family play a vital role in their life and in case this child has siblings who are not differently able, than it leads to siblings issues. Special schools and teachers also pay a essential role for the children’s progress in life. In context to the society, one must remember that these children also have feelings and we should not fool around with their emotions. Showing emotions like sympathy and pity can also affect them adversely. So, always be as normal as you can be around them, treat them like the way you treat the others.

Remember that every child is different and extraordinary in their own way.

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