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Individual Psychotherapy (Counselling)

The process of healing begins from the instant you think about seeking help. Healing is further enhanced when you take the first step through the door of a counselling centre. Individual psychotherapy is all about the one-to-one undivided attention that counsellors at Silver Linings provide. Whether it is play therapy with a 5 yr. old or cognitive behaviour therapy with a 45 yr. old, we provide exclusive attention to the individual in need. Your counsellor at our guidance centre will provide you with, unconditional positive regard, in a true Rogerian sense. So pack up all your worries and bring them to us, for we will help you face them, one by one and one on one.

At our centre in South Goa, we provide therapy for the following:

  • Childhood conditions like Autism, Learning Difficulties, Attention and hyperactivity, Mental Retardation, and others.
  • Cognitive conditions like Dementia, Memory difficulties, and others.
  • Substance abuse and withdrawal.
  • Psychosis & related conditions.
  • Depression, Mania and other mood conditions.
  • Anxiety, Obsessions & Compulsions, Phobias, & Stress.
  • Pain related conditions.
  • Disturbed eating patterns.
  • Sleep related problems.
  • Impulse-control concerns, e.g., anger and gambling.
  • Suicide Intent and Tendencies.
  • Relationship issues
  • And many more.

Aptitude Testing and Career Guidance

Informed & reliable guidance while planning one’s career during student life or for advancing in one’s chosen career, is extremely crucial, especially in today’s world when career options are available in abundance.

Traditionally, career planning tests have focused on only the test taker’s aptitude, completely ignoring many other crucial deciding points. At our centre we bring to you Comprehensive Career Planning Assessment which takes into account the test taker’s personality, career interests & values along with the mandatory skills & abilities testing. The results generated also provide a detailed career path to be followed instead of simply listing down the broader interest areas.

We offer computerized as well as paper & pencil testing for career guidance. Therefore, the test taker can opt for the method they are most comfortable with.

You can opt for our career guidance sessions at:

      • Our Centre
      • Your School / College / Institution
      • Online via Skype (since our testing is computerised you can opt for it from the privacy & comfort of your home)
        Skype Id: silverlinings.goa

Psychometric Assessment (Testing) for Children and Adults

At Silver Linings: Guidance and Counselling Centre, Goa, we conduct psychometric and psycho-diagnostic assessments to assist in the process of therapy and healing. We also conduct these assessments on referrals from doctors / psychiatrists / schools / corporate houses, depending on the requirements. Our assessments are thorough and reliable, conducted by Shobhika Jaju, who has an extensive clinical experience in the administration, scoring and interpretation of psychometric tests. All assessments conducted at the centre are also accompanied with detailed reports.

Assessments are done for the following concerns:

  • All childhood concerns such as Learning Disabilities (problems with reading, writing, mathematics & movement), IQ, Mental Retardation, Motor difficulties, Autism, Hyperactivity, Inattention, ADHD, ADD, and many more.
  • All types of Developmental Disorders
  • Aptitude testing
  • Anxiety, Obsessions & Compulsions, Phobias & Stress
  • Depression and other mood conditions
  • Personality Testing (Diagnostic and non-diagnostic)
  • Dementia, Memory Difficulties and Organicity.
  • Work satisfaction
  • Suicide risk assessment
  • Emotional issues
  • Behavioural issues
  • Anger and other impulsive conditions
  • Substance abuse and withdrawal.
  • Psychosis and related conditions
  • Sleep related problems
  • Many more (Visit us to find out more).

Online Counselling services

In the age of technology, Silver Linings, brings to you online counselling facility. An online counselling session is very much like its offline, face to face counterpart, involving all the elements of psychotherapy like confidentiality, for instance. We offer online counselling through video chat and telephonic conversations. You can opt for counselling through an online medium from the comfort of your home. Online counselling is convenient if you have hectic schedules, have difficulty in travelling or you simply prefer the familiarity and privacy of your home. Don’t cling to your problems just because you can’t or don’t want to go to a counselling centre. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
Skype Id: silverlinings.goa

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Programs are confidential counseling services for employees with personal problems that affect their work performance. It supports and assists employees and their immediate family members in assessing and resolving work, health and life issues.

Employee Assistance Services offered by Silver Linings:

  • Individual counselling/psychotherapy for employees and their immediate family members
  • Couple counselling for employees and their common-law partners/spouses
  • Family counselling/psychotherapy for employees and their immediate family members
  • Career Counselling & Job Orientation for children of employees
  • Psychometric Assessments as required for mental health assessment, employee intake & performance appraisals
  • Online Counselling via digital tools
  • Group counselling for employees
  • Workplace workshops and presentations

For more details please contact us.

Call: + 91 8830245380 / +91 9049485444

Email: shobhika@jaju.in / shobhika@silverliningsgoa.com

Counselling for couples

Couples counselling is a form of therapy that looks to improve communication and resolve issues in an intimate relationship. Although, counselling for relationship issues may often address the issues one is facing in their intimate relationship, it can still be sought on an individual basis. Couples counselling, implies that both partners must come for therapy and is therefore more difficult to commit to. The wonders of seeking therapy as a couple are manifold, however. Some of the benefits of couples counselling involve:

  • An increased understanding of the role of external factors in one’s relationship like family values, lifestyle, etc.
  • An ability to communicate in a constructive way.
  • An understanding of why arguments escalate and the ability to avoid that.
  • An ability to negotiate and resolve conflict when possible.
  • An ability to regain the lost love that had first brought the two people together.

You may seek couples therapy at any stage of your lives. At our centre, we are sensitive toward your needs and give due attention to both parties involved. If you are not comfortable seeking therapy as a couple, give individual psychotherapy a chance and we can work our way from there. Refer to the therapeutic approaches section to know more about relationship therapy.

Counselling for Families

In a family counselling approach, your counsellor will look at the entire family as a system. Changes or upsets in the environment (internal / external) of one individual is bound to cause changes or upsets in the whole family system. The major focus of your counsellor here will be at the interactions made in between the family members. An example wherein family therapy may be sought could be: a child abruptly starts showing disruptions in academic and behavioural functioning at school and parents are divorcing at home.

It is difficult to seek therapy as a unit of four or five members, sometimes even more. If you feel that you or your family as a whole needs therapy, but are not sure how to go about it, feel free to walk in at our centre. Our counsellors will help assess the nature of the therapy needed and will also help rope in your family for therapy if needed.


With Silver Linings, we aim to bring quality workshops in the field of mental health to all our patrons. Our unique workshops have been designed with the aim:

  • To help the participants develop a deeper understanding of the topic in question;
  • To equip the participants with strategies to achieve a positive mental well being; &
  • To make the participants capable of understanding themselves and loved ones at a deeper level.

Some of the topics in which we conduct workshops are:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Child Abuse Awareness
  • Anger Management
  • Stress management
  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Awareness and management of various mental health conditions
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Dealing with issues of Bullying
  • Coping with peer pressure
  • Stress Management in Classrooms
  • Pain Management
  • Awareness of Learning Disabilities, Autism and ADHD
  • Anxiety / Worry Management
  • Managing Fears and Phobias

Our workshops can be customized to suit your requirements. We provide workshops for schools, corporate houses, government organizations, housewives, teachers, students and parents. We also invite experts from outside Goa to conduct workshops on mental health as well as therapy approaches. You can contact us for more details.

As a launch offer, we are offering attractive discounts on our workshops for schools / colleges / groups of 10 or more individuals. Contact us for lucrative workshop deals.

Remedial Classes

Remedial teaching is a specialized form of teaching wherein the teacher uses specific measures to teach children develop an understanding of the subject matter at hand. Remedial teaching proves beneficial for:

  • Students who are slow at learning;
  • Students who experience some difficulty in reading or writing;
  • Students who have been diagnosed as having one or the other Specific Learning Disability (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia).
  • Children in the age group of 3 – 5, who are just learning the basics of language, like phonetics.

We also conduct standardized learning disability assessment to assess the extent of learning difficulties experienced by the children who visit us for these concerns.

Play therapy

As adults we refrain from engaging in the mannerisms of children, so why the children should be expected to engage in our way of dealing with problems? The guidance and counselling centre by Shobhika Jaju, brings to you a one of a kind play therapy centre for children of all ages to South Goa. Play is the child’s language and we can help heal the children, only when we communicate with them in a language they understand. Silver Linings, aims to revive this therapy approach which has been present through several decades and has tremendous healing power but has been forgotten much in the same way that children today are forgetting how to play.

Play therapy can be successfully experienced as a single session. The lasting positive results, however, are often seen after several sessions. Therefore, we offer, attractive packages if you enroll for 5 or more play therapy sessions together. Contact us for more details.


It is important to find out what is wrong, if anything at all. It is, however, equally and sometimes even more important to communicate what, if anything at all, is wrong. Sensitivity in communicating about a loved one’s mental condition is of paramount importance. Psycho-education is effectively using psychological knowledge while talking about a specific mental disorder. For instance, if the discovery of a child’s impaired intellectual functioning is not communicated along with adequate information, parents of the child may internalize and blame themselves for their child’s low levels of intelligence.

At Silver Linings, we take special precautions to ensure that before the suspected diagnosis is communicated, our clients understand the context around the situation, to avoid any self-blame and related negative emotions. We also organize awareness programs regarding the various mental disorders from time to time. Psycho-education modules for specific concerns can be designed and delivered on special request.

Group psychotherapy

Group therapies are conducted for people presenting similar concerns such as anxiety, stress, depression, obsessions / compulsions, fear, bereavement, etc. Silver Linings: Guidance and Counselling Centre, is one of the few places that offers group therapy services. In a group therapy session, people from all walks of life, experiencing similar issues are brought together and they share their stories of struggle and survival. Stories shared in a group session, often serve as motivators for those still struggling with overcoming their challenges. One of the most important help that group therapies provide is assuring a person that he / she is not alone in their struggle. The exchange of thoughts, experiences and motivating words in a group session, is worth experiencing.

These sessions at our counselling centre, are moderated by the founder, Shobhika herself, keeping in mind their sensitive nature. There are fixed group therapy days for specific conditions. You can contact the centre for more details. New group therapy sessions can be scheduled as per need.

Content Writing for Print and Online media

“The pen is mightier than the sword”. The founder of Silver Linings, Shobhika Jaju, has a rich experience of writing for print and online media on a varied range of topics. Her blogs can be accessed at shobhikaj.blogspot.in and parentedge.in/blog and her writings can be found in Planet Goa and Evescape magazines, apart from being published in Bombay Psychologist.

Silver Linings by Shobhika Jaju, invites opportunities to write for the print or digital medium on topics related to mental health and / or Goa. If you are a newspaper, magazine or even an online community and would like our institution or founder to write for you, contact us and we will be happy to pen down our thoughts for you.

Certificate Courses in Counselling

We offer certificate courses in topics related to counselling & mental health. Targeted mostly at budding counsellors / psychologists & other mental health professionals, these courses will also benefit all those interested in learning about the field of psychology.

Our counselling courses are short term and range from 2 days till 1 1/2 month depending on the topic of discussion. Watch our upcoming workshops section to know about the upcoming courses.