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The Selfie Syndrome

If you hit upon taking up to three selfies a day but not posting them on social media, regard yourself at the borderline.
If you’re posting at least three images of yourself a day, that’s severe.
And if you are experiencing an uncontrollable push for taking posting up to six photos a day, congratulations- you have chronic selfitis.

A ‘selfie’ is a self-portrait photograph commonly taken with a hand held camera or a phone. Selfies are taken at arm’s length and made to appear that someone else took the photo. These photographs are usually uploaded on various social media platforms. As per American Psychological Association, craving for selfies can be indicative of a mental disorder. Oxford dictionary named ‘selfie’ as its word of the year. Individuals who engage in such behaviors are said to be having narcissism which affects the personality of the individual.

This problem can be seen worldwide. With smartphones being more affordable with a high definition camera quality, it’s become very easy to click good quality pictures. With relation to this concern, I have seen some of my friends who are very obsessed with clicking selfies or groupies. Some of them try different poses, and most of them have to try the pouted lips pose, they also click selfies if they visit a new place so that they can upload it on the social media and make people aware that they have been to that place, some of them keep clicking till they get the best shot; I have also seen people who are overweight who try and click selfies in a slightly titled pose or capture the click from the top angle so that they appear thin on the photograph. These poses and obsessions give them a feeling of gratification with regards to their body.

We can learn from this example how it can affect the health of an individual. Therefore you must work hard to reduce your social media existence, take in the best of life’s moments devoid of the need to seek support or explanation from others. Internet and IT has revolutionized our life-style and therefore must be used for productive purposes rather than a selfie. Not just children, but adolescents, and even adults have been affected by this trend and seem to enjoy it, not knowing the negative effects. Therefore it is important for each one to know about the issues associated with Selfies.

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[Contributed by Jeffia Dias, post graduate student of psychology, during her internship.]