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6 Month Review

Hello Folks!

On March 16th, 2016, we completed 6 months of our existence. As the founder of Silver Linings: Guidance & Counselling Centre, I couldn’t be happier & more proud to share with you our journey over the past 6 months which wouldn’t have been possible without our supporters, clients & workshop participants.

In the past 6 months we have counselled roughly 35 children, adolescents & adults for a range of problems. Some of these clients are now living healthy happy lives and are at the verge of terminating their counselling sessions with us or have successfully terminated therapy already.

Since the clinic was inaugurated on 16th October, 2015, we have successfully conducted 20 odd workshops & talks at the clinic and outside of it. We have conducted interactive sessions on topics as diverse as pain management & toddler art to self-hypnosis & happiness. Recently, we have ventured into short term counselling courses with an aim to fill the void between the traditional psychology education and lack of therapeutic skills required on field.

Finally, not only have we added new skills to help our clients better but we have also added a range of services to our centre, including career counselling for all ages, remedial classes for children with SLD, amid others. To know more feel free to call us at: +91 7769867207

Once again, Thank You for your continued support. The journey has just begun!! :)