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“Dealing with the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 & the Nationwide Lockdown”

“Dealing with the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 & the Nationwide Lockdown”

In this blog post, you will find links to all the articles written by Shobhika Jaju (Psychologist & Centre Head at Silver Linings) on, “Dealing with the Mental Health Impact of Covid-19 & the Nationwide Lockdown”, written for different print and online media. Articles written by others, where Ms. Jaju’s views and opinions on this topic have been featured are also mentioned. To read a certain article, just click on the link mentioned with it.

• The mental health impact of the coronavirus and the lockdown on children & pregnant women – Herald, Goa. Link to article:

• Mental Health Impact of Covid-19 – Herald, Goa. Link to the article:

• Tips for women to deal with the lockdown – iDiva. Link to the article:

• Social Distancing – Using it to strengthen your bond with your partner – Incredible Goa. Link to the article:

• Dealing with the lockdown – The Goan Everyday. Link to the article:

• Strategies for parents to deal with the Coronavirus lockdown – Herald, Goa. Link to the article:

• Dealing with the Coronavirus Anxiety: Using Mindfulness Strategies – Gomantak Times. Link to the article: https://silverliningsgoa.com/dealing-with-coronavirus-anxiety-using-mindfulness-strategies/

• COVID-19 Lockdown: Dealing with the Academic Uncertainty – Gomantak Times. Link to the article: https://silverliningsgoa.com/covid-19-lockdown-dealing-with-the-academic-uncertainty/

–> We launched two free WhatsApp groups, “Daily Emotional Strength”, which anyone can join. We share tips and strategies to look after one’s emotional well-being in these groups. All these strategies are aimed at helping members deal with the lockdown, in an emotionally healthy way. These groups have also featured in the Times of India and this article can be accessed on: [Please note: These groups are no longer active. For the activities shared on the groups, you can get in touch with us directly.]

–> We did a podcast episode with PopsinaPod on understanding the lockdown from the children’s perspective. You can click on the following link to listen to the podcast:

–> Another video on “Mental Healthcare during the lockdown” highlights key points about looking after your and your loved ones emotional well-being during the ongoing phase. Date created 18/06/2020

–> We have also made a video listing down some simple tips to deal with the lockdown. Here is the link for the same: https://www.facebook.com/Studio32India/videos/918353255301200/

–> Online Therapy Services in light of the pandemic & lockdown

We are offering ONLINE COUNSELLING SERVICES for all our existing & new clients. At this point we are able to offer the following services online:
1. Personal Counselling for any type of anxiety, stress, depression & any other emotional concerns
2. Aptitude Testing & Career Guidance (for students and professionals)
3. Relationship Counselling
4. Chat / e-mail Counselling support
5. Employee intake assessment (for company’s who are hiring remotely and would like to administer online psychometric tests to employees)

To book an appointment call or WhatsApp us on +91 8830245380.